Missons Training

The VFA training takes place in English.

This training is our orientation for long-term workers and if you…

  • have a calling to be a missionary or
  • have a heart for those still unreached or,
  • are an intercessor standing in the gap for the nations or,
  • are a missions pastor / leader…

…then this VFA Missions Orientations School is also for you!

Experienced Missionaries will be working with you through the following themes:

  • The Church as the Basis for Mission
  • Creative Discipleship Making
  • Prayer and Worship Altars
  • Multi-Culture Teamwork
  • Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • World Religions
  • The process of becoming a Missionary 


When and where?

Contact us if you are interested and we will send more information.

The costs?

Contact us for this information and for any other questions.

Vision für Asien – Sigraser Str. 12
92265 Edelsfeld, Deutschland