Where we work

VFA works within “The 10/40 Window.” The 10/40 Window”  stretches from West Africa across Asia between the 10 and 40 degree north latitudes.   Known as “The Resistant Belt” it is home to 86% of all unreached people groups in the world. For actual statistics: Joshua Project (www.joshuaproject.net).

VFA works in the following 10/40 Window countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, CambodiaIndia, Indonesia, Israel, Kurdistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


Refugee work: Since 2011 in co-operation with local churches, Vision for
Asia has been involved in outreach to refugees.  Now the unreached are sitting on our doorsteps and they even have to learn our language!  An incredible window of opportunity that Vision for Asia does not want to let go by.  

SoNs – Symphony of Nations – (www.sons-music.de)

Symphony of Nations is a worship band made up of at least 10 different nations! So beautiful harmony and unity among the nations is possible.  They have been on the way with concerts in refugee camps and homes, also doing outreaches in camps in Iraq.  Jaro Fenes, the bandleader is employed by VFA  and has been making use of the Covid-19 lockdown to produce an Arabic worship CD of completely new songs.  Contact VFA for copies for your Arab friends and neighbors!